Hawaiian Gratitude Prayer Flags


Hawaiian Gratitude Prayer Flags are hand made in my home located in Ha’iku, Maui, Hawaii. Cut, sewn and assembled by our Ohana, we share our Mana with you.  The prints on each flag are printed with a block, so there are imperfections on each piece.  It is in this place that carries the Aloha Spirit, the way that we are all unique and still connected.  Mahalo for your interest and for sharing the beauty and essence of the Hawaiian language and for waving your flags in the spirit of Love.

All flag sets are accompanied by a brief description of each flag so that we can understand the idea of the Hawaiian word and apply gratitude in our lives in relation to the idea.


Hand made on Maui – Hawaiian Gratitude Prayer Flags.  Rainbow color prayer flags are hand sewn and block printed in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.  It is a wonderful gift of Aloha for anyone who has a love for the Hawaiian language or a desire to learn of it’s beauty. Mahalo.


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