Lomilomi is ancient Hawaiian healing work that has been used traditionally to help one with ailments in the physical body, the emotional state and reaching spiritual connections. Noni and ava (kava) are just two of many important plants that are used to alleviate pain or discomfort. Ava is a natural muscle relaxer that calms the mind yet stimulates the senses. Noni works to rid the body of abnormal cell growth and aids in the regeneration of new, healthy cells. The lava rocks (ili ili) are heated and used with bodywork to connect the land with the body and go deep into the muscle, addressing the source of pain or inflammation. Pa’akai (salt) is used internally and externally for cleansing and detoxification. These are just a few remedies related to my work. Each transition is unique in connecting you with your mana.

Each session of transition begins with talk story and ava drink. We invite our ancestors to join us as we connect and call in the plants to assist our work. Treatments can include medicinal soaks, body scrubs, plant medicine wraps, ili ili (hot stone) massage, kua lua (backwalking), temple style lomi (flow work), deep core bodywork, and nourishing body treatments. E Komo Mai!

Becoming balanced, rightfully aligned and standing in your truth. Empty the bowl of light and release your stones that keep you weighted and unbalanced. Fill yourself with light and feel the shift into your own mana and consciousness. Approximate time is 3.5 hours.

LOKAHI: $250

Existing in a state of harmony, coming in to a place of peace after loss, physical or emotional trauma. Beginning with salts and ending with honey, you will detox and replenish allowing yourself to leave the old behind and call in the new. Approximate time is 3 hours.


Deep body work that eliminates pain through finding the source and changing its existence. These sessions are intense and the receiver must be ready to release, let go and be ready to feel pain free.
Time varies depending on the depth of the source.